Immediate Transfer vs. Transitional Transfer

I have been going through a spiritual awakening for some time now, and as anyone who has gone through this type of spiritual transferring from one way of being to another, I started to think of the time period I am now in, knowing that there will be a sudden and direct change to my life very soon as my ascension comes into fulfillment. Thinking back to other times in my life when there was this type of change and wondered if we are affected more by a change that is an Immediate Transfer into a new situation, or by Transitional Transfer, and could there be benefits to both.

We have all went through some type of movement in our lives. Moving from our childhood home into our college dorm. Moving from one city to another. Moving from one school to a new one. Even moving from one spiritual faith to a totally different type of belief. We would think that if we are aware of a change that is coming into our lives in the near future, we will have the time to adjust our emotional and mental balance through this transition. If we know we are moving to a new city, we have time to research the statistics of that city, locate the best of selections, such as the near-by parks, best coffee shops, and how the schools rate within the city limits. However, if in a split moment we are transferred from one place to another, we never receive that adjustment period that mentally and emotionally prepares us for what is to come.

When I first got married, I was so physically ready to leave my parents house and start this new life with my new husband. I was young and wanted this exciting chance to experience this new way of being. However, my mind couldn’t prepare me for becoming a wife, living in a new house for the first time in my life, or what it actually meant to now be joined with someone in marriage. A few days after my wedding, my mother asked me to return my house keys. Not only was I hurt, but the thought surfaced…I could never freely return to my childhood home without permission. There was no transition period, this was a pure Immediate Transfer.

You would think that there would be greater benefit in transition, rather than immediate. Immediate Transfer is like asking to give a presentation at work that you didn’t prepare or even have a hand in making the slideshow. You were at the meeting only to be an observer, but because the true presenter didn’t show up for work that day, you are being asked to step up to this opportunity to present. All the skills that you have mastered throughout the years now have to kick in along with your self-confidence. There is that space in time from your manager asking you to give the presentation and you getting up from your seat and presenting. In that short time, moments, you have to pull everything that you have from within you, and you realize you, even through nervous energy, that you can do this.

Speaking on that space in time between what was, and what now is, in an Immediate Transfer, we don’t always have that space of time to gain our mental and emotional footing or understanding of what is taking place. Whereas, in a Transitional Transfer, we have that time to adjust our thoughts and mind. As in your co-worker calling out sick the day before, and now you have time to prepare for the presentation.

Even in this world that we live in with heightened awareness of our surroundings because of the risk of possible injury or even death, we go about our days trying not to think of what could happen. We live in a Transitional Transfer period of fearing that something could happen to us or our family, and not that Immediate Transfer that sadly touches so many of us everyday. I look forward to the day when our children will live in a world when any type of transfer will be pleasant and welcoming, rather than dreadful and frightening,

Reverend Marilyn Ridley



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